16 nov. 2011

5 años desde que todo inicio. 14 de Noviembre.

 5 años han pasado desde que Mikael Colville tomo la primera foto para Cycle Chic la cual impulsaria un movimiento a nivel mundial que hasta la fecha sigue en movimiento y sigue tomando fuerza. 

 Mexico Cycle Chic conmemora este dia y se enorgullece de formar parte de la familia Cycle Chic.

 A continuacion el articulo publicado por Mikael Colville en el blog original Copenhaguen Cycle Chic en conmemoracion por esta fecha.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Five years ago today, at 08:43 in the morning, I took a photo.

I could never have guessed that morning, on my way to work at Danish Broadcasting Corp., how that one photo would turn my world topsy turvy.

A journalist who researched where Cycle Chic - and the global bicycle boom - came from, ended up back at this photo, taken on November 14, 2006. She called it "The Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles" - a tagline that continues to humble me.

The story of this blog and the expansion around the world is well known by many. But today, for me, is a special day. The fifth anniversary of a wild ride. I'm heading down to the spot where that first photo was taken at 08:43 today. Just to be there. Take a photo or two. A bunch of the other cycle chic bloggers are going to take a photo today at the same time in their cities, too. Which is brilliant.

I'm going to take the luxury of reflection today. Remembering all the amazing experiences that this blog - andCopenhagenize.com as well - have contributed to my life.

I have had the priviledge of meeting so many fantastic people. I've given talks in over 40 cities on four continents and, invariably, ridden bicycles with these fantastic people in all the cities, as well as talking about reestablishing the bicycle on the urban landscape, liveable cities and promoting cycling positively. People I would never have had the opportunity to meet if that photo wasn't taken.

It's the people I remember more than anything. The ones that come up to me in every city and say things like "You're the reason I ride a bicycle..." I never know how to reply to that. It's too amazing. And if try to reply in length, I tend to get watery eyes. I'm going to reread the testimonials from readers today, as I do on every anniversary. I'll have a slow look at the press mentions through the years, remembering every thrilling moment when Cycle Chic grew a little bit more.

I'm going to ride a bicycle today. I do it every day, of course, but today I will just go for a ride in this amazing city and regard my fellow cycling citizens. Thanking them secretly for their constant inspiration, their beauty, their organic, human-powered symphony that makes this city - and any city - a nicer place to live.

Thank you to the many of you who have been visiting this blog loyally through the years. I'm so grateful to have met so many of you around the world and yet there are so many that I would still love to meet.

Thanks to the other people out there who have started a Cycle Chic blog and a specific thanks to those Cycle Chic bloggers who have become close and valued friends. Thanks for understanding the value of Cycle Chic and being a part of this ride.

Cycle Chic is going to be growing very soon and we're excited about the upcoming evolution.

But for today.... thank you.

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